We are here to help you Solve your Real Estate Problems

 Life can take a quick turn and leave you with challenges. Do you own a home and are close to foreclosure? Did you try your hand at being a Landlord and found out the hassles weren't worth it? Perhaps you have inherited a home that you cannot or do not want to maintain.

This is where we come in. We will work with you to find a win-win solution that will allow you to sleep at night, and have some money back in your pocket. Contact us today and we will set up a time in the next day or so to come and meet with you.  

We cover the entire Finger Lakes region - from Rochester to Syracuse and from Canandaigua to Corning. Give us a call, text or send an email!

Tired of being a Landlord?

Are you an Out of State Owner?

Are you a traveling professional heading to Rochester?

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Tired of being a Landlord?

Being a Landlord sounds easy until you realize that you have to deal with people and property problems on a regular basis. That can take the fun out of any money making proposition. If you are looking to sell one, two or all of your rentals, let's talk. 

Are you an Out of State Property Owner Looking to Sell?

Managing a property from a distance can be a challenge. Whether you have inherited property in the Finger Lakes that you know you won't use, or you purchased something years ago and haven't maintained it, I would love to be of service. Many realtors won't want to deal with smaller, rural or run down properties. I love properties like that! Let's figure out a way to put the money in your pocket instead of paying taxes on an parcel you don't  use.

Are you relocating to Rochester for work? Or a digital nomad looking for your next stop?

Rochester is one of the hottest small cities in the U.S. right now and it can be hard finding Mid-term rentals for your hospital assignment. We have multiple properties that are less than 15 minutes from all the hospitals in Rochester.